Monthly Archives: August 2011

No less of a man!


Loki had his ‘operation’ on Friday, something we didn’t actually want to do but circumstances meant he had to.

I felt more like a mother than I ever have and spent all of Friday panicking about him even though I knew he’d be fine. We picked up a sleepy, wobbly, sore puppy on Friday evening and enjoyed the silence while it lasted. It didn’t last long, he was up and ready for his walk on Saturday morning, as though nothing had happened. He was NOT impressed when the walk was only 15 minutes, not impressed indeed. He spent the rest of the weekend huffing and sulking.

Isn’t it amazing how quickly they recover?


Our Little Devil

Number of things Loki has destroyed this month:

What? I didn't do 'nuffin

  • 2 x books
  • 2 x earplugs (also casually spat out across the bed)
  • 1 x iPod case + corner of iPod
  • 1 x half page of Jamie Oliver’s 30 minute meals recipe book
  • 1 x pair of sunglasses
  • 1 x bookmark
Number of Loki’s toys destroyed this month:
  • Zero
Little bugger



We got a new sofa yesterday (although getting it was SUCH a hassle – don’t ask). We also rearranged our living room, Loki seems to like it. We will now always consult the all mighty, all wise Loki on our furniture choices.


Are you trying to tell us something Loki?


Actually it’s not really Loki’s fault he likes the pink elephant the best, it was pushed on him by Gavin. Last week Gavin took a trip to the charity shop for some toys for Loki. He came back with 3 cuddly toys: A hamster-like thing, a monkey and a pink elephant (I think he wanted to make sure our dog wasn’t too ‘macho’, cos’ as you can see our dog is pretty manly). We are very impressed as these toys cost £3 total compared to the £7 you’d pay for the same toy at the pet shop and have lasted longer than 3 days, this is a big deal in the Loki household. I always struggle to understand by pet shops charge so much for what are essentially children’s toys, even though they’re probably NOT as durable.

Anyone with an intelligent dog, a puppy or a terrier will know that soft toys don’t last very long but can be the biggest source of entertainment.

I think we’ll be shopping at charity shops from now on, look how happy he is!

Our Little Water dog


Ever since we announced we were getting an English Springer Spaniel we’ve been bombarded with comments like “Oh they LOVE the water”, “Ooo they LOVE the dirt and mud” and “They are such water dogs”.

Gavin and I were like “really? Our dog hates anything to do with water”. Or so we thought. Until very recently you couldn’t get our dog in the water for love nor money. He would tiptoe around puddles, pulling and pushing so that his little tootsies didn’t touch the water edge. If you threw his ball in the water (even at the very edge) he would give you a disgusted look and walk off spitefully. Rain was not his friend, he would refuse to go out of the door at the slightest hint of rain.

We wondered what was wrong with our dog, was he sick? A fake? A cat? All Springer Spaniels loved the water they told us. We finally came to terms with the fact that we would have a substandard dog in terms of swimming and stopped judging him for it. Until a couple of weeks ago when our little boy finally bravely took his first steps and then first swim in the water. Now he did this with dignity, with caution. He was testing the temperature, the speed of the river and the depth. He would not jump in, he was too clever for that.

I’ve mentioned that Loki has an unusual obsession with tennis balls and we found out in this instance that he WILL do anything for his ball. We gradually threw the ball further and further out onto the river. Every time he would gingerly retrieve the ball, going a little deeper every time. Until finally, he was swimming.

We are so proud.