Are you trying to tell us something Loki?


Actually it’s not really Loki’s fault he likes the pink elephant the best, it was pushed on him by Gavin. Last week Gavin took a trip to the charity shop for some toys for Loki. He came back with 3 cuddly toys: A hamster-like thing, a monkey and a pink elephant (I think he wanted to make sure our dog wasn’t too ‘macho’, cos’ as you can see our dog is pretty manly). We are very impressed as these toys cost £3 total compared to the £7 you’d pay for the same toy at the pet shop and have lasted longer than 3 days, this is a big deal in the Loki household. I always struggle to understand by pet shops charge so much for what are essentially children’s toys, even though they’re probably NOT as durable.

Anyone with an intelligent dog, a puppy or a terrier will know that soft toys don’t last very long but can be the biggest source of entertainment.

I think we’ll be shopping at charity shops from now on, look how happy he is!


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