I like food and beer and dogs.


A couple of years ago I discovered that I’m actually quite a good cook. Since then, I have been experimenting with different flavours and tastes on my boyfriend to improve my cooking skills.

My favourite kinds of things are rustic, hearty and rich but I love playing around with delicate ingredients and unusual items. I love using the UK’s seasons as an excuse to experiment with different kinds of foods. In winter I love cooking pies and stews, spring calls for fresh vegetables and fish, during the summer I love making huge salads and autumn means Mediterranean food and dips!

I am a huge fan of the Leon cookbooks and Jamie Oliver always offers up fun, inspired and rustic recipes but I like to mix and match the ingredients to the way I want it. I’ll be using this blog as a platform to record my cooking experiments and also hopefully share some of my knowledge on cooking techniques and my take on favourite recipes.


After working in several bars throughout university I have acquired a taste for all things alcoholic. I like spirits, cocktails, ciders and I’m slowly beginning to appreciate whisky. My favourite of all however is beer. Lager, Belgian beer and especially ale. Ale is so diverse to drink and cook with, there are so many different tastes and varieties and it can be drunk during any season, throughout the year. I am lucky enough to live 5 minutes away from a fantastic pub that offers some amazing ales and craft beers. There is also an awesome beer shop near where I work.

I’ll therefore occasionally use my blog to review any beers I find particularly amazing.


Loki (below) is the best dog in the world. He is daft, stupidly intelligent, handsome and makes friends with everyone and everything he meets. Since getting him in January 2011 he has completely changed my life and I have fallen in love with the Springer breed. They are great fun, obsessed with water, energetic and extremely loyal. He is a pleasure to own, apart from the days he gets bored (see the blog) and is a ball of fun and cuddles. Basically, I buy lots of things for him and I occasionally like to blog about these items and the general happenings in the life of Loki. I hope you enjoy my blog & find it as entertaining as I do!

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