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September Cooking Challenge: Sausage and Red Pepper Quiche


If you don’t remember, this month I set myself a September Cooking Challenge where I challenged myself to cook three different and never-tried-before (by me) recipes throughout the month.

The first recipe I decided to tackle is the Sausage and Red Pepper Quiche, mostly because it sounded like the easiest recipe and I wanted to ease myself in. I was drawn to this recipe because I’ve never had a quiche with sausage in it before and in fact I’ve never actually made a quiche from scratch.

So firstly the recipe has surprisingly easy and accessible ingredients, pretty much all you had to do was measure out the ingredients before mixing everything together at once and placing in the oven for 40 minutes. The recipe did call for a can of ‘cream of mushroom’ soup, no seasoning and loads of eggs, which I thought was a bit odd but I went along with it anyway.

Unfortunately I think the simplicity of this recipe is what lead to its inevitable demise, the quiche was just, boring. It was very, very bland and lacked seasoning, as I suspected. It also seemed that the egg-to-other-ingredient ratio was a little off, it was just a little too eggy. I realised half way through eating the quiche (I don’t like to waste food even if I don’t like it) that it seemed to be lacking something else as well. Usually when you buy ready-made quiche from the supermarket it has a pastry case and I think I’ve got so used to expecting the buttery pastry surrounding the quiche that I was felt a little disappointed when it wasn’t there.

On reflection I’d do a number of things differently to try and give this quiche a bit of a boost. Firstly I’d cut out the ‘cream of mushroom’ soup and use a selection of chopped wild and organic mushrooms so you can actually taste the mushrooms rather than them getting lost in the recipe. Secondly, the recipe called for mozzarella cheese but I couldn’t taste it at all so I’d go with a stronger cheese, perhaps just something as simple as cheddar. Thirdly I’d add some fresh basil to the quiche mixture and give it a hefty seasoning of salt and pepper. Lastly I’d add a pastry crust to the quiche, it’s perhaps not as healthy but adds much needed texture!

Overall I’m pretty disappointed with this recipe, especially considering that in terms of quiche it sounds like a really interesting idea but in actual fact is very rather bland and meh!

Next up, Cheeseburger Egg Rolls!

Brewdog Christmas Porter = Utter disappointment


20111101-091119 PM.jpg

It’s finally getting cold enough to drink my favourite kind of beer. Dark, spicy and most importantly, Christmassy.

After a wonderful garlic cheese burger and raspberry milkshake at our beloved Bell’s Diner. Gav and I decided to check out the Vino shop in Stockbridge. We’d been recommended that they had an insane collection of beer, which they did.

They have a huge variety of flavoured beers (including Mongozo Coconut, yum), Scottish ales and a sweet selection of international craft beers. We went for a couple of old faithful Williams Bros beers, an organic cherry beer and excitedly Gav let me pick the Brewdog Christmas ale.

Reading the bottle, it sounds delicious. A cocoa, chilli and festive spice infuced porter, sounds ideal to me.I can’t tell you how disappointed I am. As soon as I took the first sit I knew something was wrong. The bottom line here (before I go on to tell you about my disappointment) is that I’m really hoping it’s a bad batch or… Yes it’s a bad batch.

I’ll sum up the beer as I tasted it in one sentence. It had an overwhelming taste of raw chilli (not in a good way), there was way too much ‘festive spice’, there was no cocoa to be tasted and it had a horrible bitter metallic aftertaste. The uncooked chilli flavour really was very unpleasant, so much so that I couldn’t bring myself to finish the beer. It lacked the richness that is usually present in a porter and had an uncharacteristic aftertaste. I also didn’t detect the sweetness that usually comes with a dark beer.

All in all an extremely sad drinking and reviewing experience. If anyone gets their hands on a bottle and has a different experience with it I’d LOVE to know, maybe my taste buds were being naughty?

Anyway I think I’ll just wait for Stewarts Cauld Reekie, that will never disappoint!

No less of a man!


Loki had his ‘operation’ on Friday, something we didn’t actually want to do but circumstances meant he had to.

I felt more like a mother than I ever have and spent all of Friday panicking about him even though I knew he’d be fine. We picked up a sleepy, wobbly, sore puppy on Friday evening and enjoyed the silence while it lasted. It didn’t last long, he was up and ready for his walk on Saturday morning, as though nothing had happened. He was NOT impressed when the walk was only 15 minutes, not impressed indeed. He spent the rest of the weekend huffing and sulking.

Isn’t it amazing how quickly they recover?


Our Little Devil

Number of things Loki has destroyed this month:

What? I didn't do 'nuffin

  • 2 x books
  • 2 x earplugs (also casually spat out across the bed)
  • 1 x iPod case + corner of iPod
  • 1 x half page of Jamie Oliver’s 30 minute meals recipe book
  • 1 x pair of sunglasses
  • 1 x bookmark
Number of Loki’s toys destroyed this month:
  • Zero
Little bugger

Are you trying to tell us something Loki?


Actually it’s not really Loki’s fault he likes the pink elephant the best, it was pushed on him by Gavin. Last week Gavin took a trip to the charity shop for some toys for Loki. He came back with 3 cuddly toys: A hamster-like thing, a monkey and a pink elephant (I think he wanted to make sure our dog wasn’t too ‘macho’, cos’ as you can see our dog is pretty manly). We are very impressed as these toys cost £3 total compared to the £7 you’d pay for the same toy at the pet shop and have lasted longer than 3 days, this is a big deal in the Loki household. I always struggle to understand by pet shops charge so much for what are essentially children’s toys, even though they’re probably NOT as durable.

Anyone with an intelligent dog, a puppy or a terrier will know that soft toys don’t last very long but can be the biggest source of entertainment.

I think we’ll be shopping at charity shops from now on, look how happy he is!