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Dog Walks Around Edinburgh


I’ve recently been experimenting with different places to walk my dog around Edinburgh, fearing that Loki is getting sick of Inverleith Park. As I don’t own a car, most of these are accessible by public transport but on the days I’ve been lucky enough to get a lift we’ve travelled a little bit further. 

Loki and Maggie at Lomond Hill Regional Park

On Sunday we went for a walk with a couple of friends and their dog (who happens to be Loki’s girlfriend). They own a car so we decided to venture outside Edinburgh and headed to Fife. Fife has a variety of Lochs and woodland parks and we beelined for an area that had both. We settled on Lomond Hills Regional Park which has a small, clean Loch (Loch Ore) and is surrounded by interesting signposted woodland walks.

The dogs had a great time tearing around the leaves, trees and spent a large part of the walk sniffing and digging at the undergrowth. On our walk we spotted squirrels, cattle and horses so it’s a great way to socialise your dog with other animals (we’d suggest putting them on a lead if you see another animal if you don’t know how they’ll react).

The dogs were able to dip into Loch Ore and both had a fun, if a little cold swimming session. There is also a barbecue area and public toilets so it would be a great walk during the summer months. We walked around the regional park in about 2 hours at a steady pace, stopping to take a couple of pictures of the dogs playing.

Another one of our walks that is this side of the bridge and closer to town is Corstorphine Woods. This can be a short walk or a relatively long walk depending on the route you take. As you’d imagine it’s a wooded area, with lots of hills, paths to discover and obstacles to climb. It is very popular with the local community and at the weekend you are likely to see at least 5 other dog owners with their pooches.

The path can get quite muddy so if it has rained in the past couple of days I’d suggest wearing some wellies and bringing a towel for your pup. There is also a large grass field that you could potentially sit down on with a picnic, if it’s not too windy that is. There are also designated picnic areas in some areas of the woods.

A couple of weeks ago we took Loki on his first train journey to see what a ‘proper’ beach looked like. North Berwick is just a short 30 minute train journey away from Edinburgh and is a fabulous little seaside town, equip with some of the best fish & chips in Scotland and some cosy seaside dog-friendly pubs (oh their ice cream is pretty awesome too).

North Berwick has a long stretch of beach as far as the eye can see so you can stretch out the walk as long as you’d like. We walked up the beach for about 2 hours before turning around and heading back to the centre for fish and chips and an infamous Berwick ice cream. The beach is extremely clean and tidy and again is a very popular walk with other dog owners, especially if they are fond of a good splash in the sea.

The beach usually has a low tide and wasn’t wavy enough to worry about the pup struggling. I’d suggest that you prepare to spend the entire day here as obviously catching the train with a dog is a lot more hassle than getting a bus or travelling in a car, make your trip worthwhile.

Edinburgh is a fantastic place to live or visit if you’re a dog owner. There really is no excuse to have an unhappy or unhealthy dog with so many different walks available in the city.

Have you explored any of these walks? Or could you give me some suggestions for new walks around Edinburgh? Let me know! 


Pup Update


20111101-093723 PM.jpg

Our attempts at teaching Loki how to stay while we threw the ball. Ended up with Gav rugby tackling him most of the time, think the dog enjoyed it though!

20111101-093849 PM.jpg

Loki and ‘monkey’. Monkey had a short lived life, finally meeting his death this month. Poor over-stuffed monkey, R.I.P.

20111101-094031 PM.jpg

If you didn’t know already, Springer Spaniels LOVE leaves. So autumn is ideal for Loki.

Just Dogs Calender Competition


Just Dogs is a fabulous dog shop in the heart of Stockbridge selling everything from tennis balls to pigs pizzle (think about it). Gemma, the owner is extremely helpful and kind and knows all of her customers names by heart (owners and pets).

Last month she asked her customers to send in their favourite pictures of their pets to be entered into a calender competition. Of course, I entered Loki.

There are some fab fab fab photos of some beautiful dogs in the album and of course a beautiful picture of Loki. Dogs with the most votes (likes) will appear in the calender. Currently Loki is sitting at 83 likes and would appreciate some extra votes if you wouldn’t mind (mostly because a little rat dog with an elephant outfit has more votes, which I’m not happy about).

Loki the Springer Spaniel

All you need to do is click on image, scroll down and click ‘like’, very simple really and Loki would love you forever (Charlie would to). Thank you!

Disclaimer: Please note that if Loki does manage to appear in the calender, Christmas presents will be this calender indefinitely. 

No less of a man!


Loki had his ‘operation’ on Friday, something we didn’t actually want to do but circumstances meant he had to.

I felt more like a mother than I ever have and spent all of Friday panicking about him even though I knew he’d be fine. We picked up a sleepy, wobbly, sore puppy on Friday evening and enjoyed the silence while it lasted. It didn’t last long, he was up and ready for his walk on Saturday morning, as though nothing had happened. He was NOT impressed when the walk was only 15 minutes, not impressed indeed. He spent the rest of the weekend huffing and sulking.

Isn’t it amazing how quickly they recover?


Our Little Devil

Number of things Loki has destroyed this month:

What? I didn't do 'nuffin

  • 2 x books
  • 2 x earplugs (also casually spat out across the bed)
  • 1 x iPod case + corner of iPod
  • 1 x half page of Jamie Oliver’s 30 minute meals recipe book
  • 1 x pair of sunglasses
  • 1 x bookmark
Number of Loki’s toys destroyed this month:
  • Zero
Little bugger



We got a new sofa yesterday (although getting it was SUCH a hassle – don’t ask). We also rearranged our living room, Loki seems to like it. We will now always consult the all mighty, all wise Loki on our furniture choices.


Are you trying to tell us something Loki?


Actually it’s not really Loki’s fault he likes the pink elephant the best, it was pushed on him by Gavin. Last week Gavin took a trip to the charity shop for some toys for Loki. He came back with 3 cuddly toys: A hamster-like thing, a monkey and a pink elephant (I think he wanted to make sure our dog wasn’t too ‘macho’, cos’ as you can see our dog is pretty manly). We are very impressed as these toys cost £3 total compared to the £7 you’d pay for the same toy at the pet shop and have lasted longer than 3 days, this is a big deal in the Loki household. I always struggle to understand by pet shops charge so much for what are essentially children’s toys, even though they’re probably NOT as durable.

Anyone with an intelligent dog, a puppy or a terrier will know that soft toys don’t last very long but can be the biggest source of entertainment.

I think we’ll be shopping at charity shops from now on, look how happy he is!