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Black Isle Brewery Summer Shindig


On the 4th of June I will be taking my boyfriend, dog, tent, and cool box down to the Black Isle Brewery Shindig for a hog roast followed by copious amounts of organic Black Isle beer. I thought I might tell you a little bit about their beers before I drink the brewery dry.

Black Isle brewery brew a number of different beers, you can see their full selection here. However here are a few of my favourite beers:

Organic Goldeneye Pale Ale 5.1% abv – a tangy, hoppy pale ale using sweet floral hops. A refreshing take on traditional pale ale. It is great on keg – the added fizz brings out the hops and gives this beer its edge.

Organic Hibernator Export Oatmeal Stout 7.0% abv – I just tried this one a couple of nights ago for the first time and let me just say, wow. This beer is FULL of flavour (treacle, liquorice and forest fruits) and the best thing about it is you can taste the oatmeal. It is sweet, full-flavoured and filling. Apparently the fermentation process is much like that of champagne.

Black Isle Organic Red Kite Ale 4.2% abv – I have a soft spot for this beer as it’s the first ale my boyfriend has liked (saying that he drank Black Isle Blonde before, we just gave him a little nudge). This red ale is light and malty with bursts of lemon and orange. A lovely alternative to Black Isle Blonde and other light lagers.

Black Isle Organic Vanilla Porter  – Black Isle Brewery’s best kept secret. The Tap has been pleading for them to make this for months and months and finally (shhhh though – if we boast too much we might scare them away!) they are going to brew us a batch (or 2). I haven’t had the pleasure of tasting this yet but my colleagues have and according to my American teammate it is “ohhhhh myyyyy gaaaaaad!!!” I’m not sure I will be announcing the arrival of this to our customers…. I want it all for myself mwahh ha haaa.

So, if you’re out and about and see Black Isle Brewery beer give it a try, rest assured you will not be disappointed. SAVE THE PLANET, DRINK ORGANIC!

Williams Bros Premium Red Ale


I was going to start off with one of my favourite ales, and I bought a bottle of it too… But I drank it before I had a chance to think about it, nevermind. I’ve had a couple of Williams Brothers beers before and are quite fond of them. I saw this one in the shop and thought, it’s a start.


Williams Brothers Premium Red Ale is just as it says, a red ale. ABV 4.5% and brewed in Alloa.

Branding: I’m a massive fan of the traditional bottle, it keeps the beer better and the size means its enough to keep me satisfied! The simplistic, uncomplicated label is attractive and modest. There’s not that much information about how the beer tastes but I think that’s a good thing, leaves more to the imagination.

Appearance: The beer has a lovely ruby glow with a thick and frothy head. It isn’t sticky, too thick or overly carbonated.

Nose: Instant bursts of a citrusy/grapefruit smell which quickly leads to a potent (but pleasant) toffee nose, and I’m already excited.

Taste: Malts, malts and more malts – lovely creamy texture and taste, very nice. It has a dry taste, but not too dry. On second tasting there is a cardamon-like spiciness to it with a peppery taste on the tongue. Finally there is a gorgeous caramel/light treacle linger which leaves more to be desired. There is a bit of a bitter aftertaste which sours the taste a tiny bit.

Overall a lovely beer and something I would drink again. I recommend drinking it with an Indian takeaway (as I did). The spiciness of the beer complemented the mint yogurt dressing for my vegetable Pakoras and the bitterness complemented my sweet and creamy Malayan curry.

Let me know if you try it!