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Pup Update


20111101-093723 PM.jpg

Our attempts at teaching Loki how to stay while we threw the ball. Ended up with Gav rugby tackling him most of the time, think the dog enjoyed it though!

20111101-093849 PM.jpg

Loki and ‘monkey’. Monkey had a short lived life, finally meeting his death this month. Poor over-stuffed monkey, R.I.P.

20111101-094031 PM.jpg

If you didn’t know already, Springer Spaniels LOVE leaves. So autumn is ideal for Loki.

Just Dogs Calender Competition


Just Dogs is a fabulous dog shop in the heart of Stockbridge selling everything from tennis balls to pigs pizzle (think about it). Gemma, the owner is extremely helpful and kind and knows all of her customers names by heart (owners and pets).

Last month she asked her customers to send in their favourite pictures of their pets to be entered into a calender competition. Of course, I entered Loki.

There are some fab fab fab photos of some beautiful dogs in the album and of course a beautiful picture of Loki. Dogs with the most votes (likes) will appear in the calender. Currently Loki is sitting at 83 likes and would appreciate some extra votes if you wouldn’t mind (mostly because a little rat dog with an elephant outfit has more votes, which I’m not happy about).

Loki the Springer Spaniel

All you need to do is click on image, scroll down and click ‘like’, very simple really and Loki would love you forever (Charlie would to). Thank you!

Disclaimer: Please note that if Loki does manage to appear in the calender, Christmas presents will be this calender indefinitely.