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The Kitchin: An Unforgettable Meal


The KitchinIt has been my goal for some time now to visit a Michelin Star restaurant, not because I’m a food snob that wants to pay stupid amounts of money for a plate of food, but because I want to experience the service of a Michelin Star restaurant (as well as the food). I was curious to see if I would feel awkward, out of place and out of my depth. I finally got the opportunity to visit one when my boyfriend got himself a new fantastic job, a reason to celebrate. 

I’m pretty blessed living in Edinburgh which is absolutely any foodies dream, there are independent cafes and restaurants on every corner and you can pretty much get any cuisine your heart desires. We decided we’d visit The Kitchin as he is a local Edinburgh boy, born and bred, not to mention that we’re constantly hearing incredible things about this restaurant. Weekends were booked up until June but they had a table available during the week so we went with that.

Tom Kitchin is bit of a celebrity chef now after a couple of appearances on Masterchef so we weren’t quite sure if he’d actually be there. After a couple of tweets on the day expressing our excitement for our first visit to the restaurant he replied saying ‘Looking forward to seeing you guys tonight’, so we guessed he would be there!

Gav put on a suit and I (reluctantly) put on some high heels and we jumped in a taxi to the restaurant. We’d already decided that we would go with the tasting menu, basically so we could try as many different things as possible – it’s not like we go to these kind of places every day! We got the wine tasting menu alongside, I know – ambitious on a school night.

I’m not going to go into huge amounts of detail about each dish but can I just say, The Kitchin is a truely incredible experience. From the minute you walk through the door you are met by a number of people ready and happy to cater to your every need. We were so happy we got the wine tasting menu because it opened our eyes to some incredible wines we didn’t even know existed. This was particularly eye opening for Gav who isn’t much of a fan of white wine but was shocked at how beautiful their choice of wine was.

So, the food. The tasting menu was a whopping seven courses long including an amuse bouche, pre-starter, starter, middle course (take a breath), fish course, meat course and dessert. There were a couple of dishes that really stood out for me. Tom Kitchin’s signiture dish Pig’s Head & Langoustine was on the tasting menu, I’d heard of this one. This was absolutely stunning, the pig’s head tasted like pulled pork but ten times richer and the ear salad had the most delicious dressing, this was a favourite of Gavin’s too. Then there was the Razor Clams starter: razor clams from Arisaig served with these gorgeously cooked diced vegetables with chorizo oil and lemon confit. This was so moreish and I can’t even describe how good it was! It was creamy yet light and delicate but so flavoursome, so yummy!

Obviously we had a load of other food but those were my highlights. The service was something we’d never experienced before either, an extremely knowledgeable sommelier presented each wine with a brief description of each without over pushing it or interrupting our meal. Each meal was perfectly timed and we were left to enjoy, and digest our food before the next course (I love it when you’re not rushed).

This experience was well worth the money and I don’t know how I am going to eat anywhere else now! I think Castle Terrace will be the next place on our list as Kitchin had a hand in starting up the restaurant. The Kitchin’s ability to present beautiful Scottish produce so perfectly and seasonally and in such an exciting way was inspirational and the experience was truly a pleasure. Here are some sneaky photos I took whilst we were there, just to make you all jealous!